Knowing how to determine your skin tone and applying that knowledge to your cosmetic and clothing selection can bring out the best in your appearance. We all know when a certain color looks great on us while other colors seem to leave us looking ashen and worn out.

Skin tones fall into three classifications, they are: Warm, Cool and Neutral. Below are some easy steps to help you deterimine your skin tone.

Vein test – in a natural light, look at the inside of your wrist; if the s appear greenish this indicates you have yellow undertones and thus would have a warm skin tone. Veins that appear to be more bluish indicate a cool skin tone.

Pony tail test – pull all your hair back away from the face in a pony tail or with a headband and thoroughly cleanse the face. Place a white towel or cloth around your neck and shoulders, if you face looks more yellow this would indicate a warm skin tone, whereas a bluish reflection would mean a cool skin tone.

Silver/Gold test – If you think you look better in gold than silver, this indicates a warm skin tone. People with cool skin tones usually look better in silver. Additionally, you can use a gold and silver cloth for this test, hold a swatch of gold fabric under the chin, does it make you look healthy, ashen or neither. Try the same with silver fabric, what do you see? a bluish hue or yellow undertones?

Genetic natural color of eyes and hair – As a rule of thumb, normally people with blue, green or grey eyes with blond, black or brown hair have a cool skin tone. Additionally, cool skin tones will have a pink or rosy undertone. Those people with brown, black, or hazel eyes and have black, brown, blond, red, or strawberry blond hair are usually have a warm skin tone and have a golden or apricot undertone. However, there are always exceptions to the rule when trying to deterime your skin tone by the color of your hair and eyes.

If after doing the above tests you are still unable to determine your skin tone, you may fall into the neutral skin tone. Neutral skin tones

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