No preparation, no job!


Traveling directly into interviews without any idea concerning the questions you’’re likely to be asked is a recipe for catastrophe. To be totally organised for an interview you need to practice and rehearse as many behavioural interview questions as you possibly  can.

Behavioural interview questions are not your typical “”What do you know about us”” style of Deutscher chat question. Behavioural interview questions require preparation and thought since they will be different depending on who i’s asking them. The easiest method to plan for them is to practice coming up with answers.

The core message is the same

Commonly the majority of behavioural interview questions tend to centre around a few themes such as handling difficult relationships, negotiating with other people, achieving results under pressure, handling priorities and gaining knowledge of additional skills. Listed here are a few example interview questions and answers you can practice in advance of your next interview.


Question: Tell me about a time when there seemed to be an unrealistic expectation placed upon you?

Answer: I was informed that a difficult customer wished to see somebody from the company, because the sales guy was out I was told I was the next best thing and was told to go on site. Although it was a sales related challenge I was still capable of helping the angry customer and keeping the engagement moving forward.

Question: Tell me about a time you felt the need to present a unpopular concept to management and get them to support it?

Answer: While working on a project I inherited, I discovered that the supplier selected was doing a very bad job. The vendors CEO was friends with my CEO therefore, the decision to ask my management to change was going to be unpopular. I was told I had to state my case to the CEO. I used dollars and time to explain why it was a bad decision to carry on.

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