Shia Muslims represent a minority in most Muslim-majority countries, comprising approximately 10-15% of the global Muslim population. Despite being a minority, they have a significant presence in the Middle East and other regions. Shia Iran is a prime example, where Shia Muslims form the majority, as well as in Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain. Sizable Shia communities also exist in countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait, Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
Shia Majority Regions

In countries like Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain, Shia Muslims form the majority of

the population. Here are the percentages of Shia Muslims in each country:

Iran: 90-95%
Iraq: approximately 65%
Azerbaijan: about 65% of the Muslim population
Bahrain: Shia Muslims represent a majority of the citizen population, with estimates ranging from 55 to 65%.

These countries, where Shia Muslims form the majority, have played a significant role in shaping the development and spread of Shia Islam. The presence of important centers of learning and pilgrimage, such as:

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