The EB5 investor visa is available to immigrants who are able to make an investment into a new, or in some cases pre-existing, American business that results in the creation of at least ten full-time American jobs.While the minimal investment is typically at least one million dollars, this figure can be reduced if the investment is made in a rural area or an area of high unemployment.Statistically most investors choose to make an investment into a federally approved Regional Center located in one of these high unemployment areas.In this article, we will take a quick look at two of the many advantages that Regional Center investments offer these immigrant investors.Investment Pooling As mentioned, the EB5 immigrant investor visa is dependent upon the creation of at

least ten new full-time jobs for United States workers.Regional Center investments often involve the option of pooling of funds from several investors, resulting in a greater likelihood in satisfying this job creation requirement.While job creation is the most important consideration in any EB5 investment, this portion of the EB5 visa can often be the most difficult to achieve.Still, through investment pooling, immigrant investors will be giving themselves a strong chance to meet the requirements and remain compliant with the guidelines of the visa.Regional Centers are authorized to claim direct, indirect and induced jobs to satisfy the job creation requirements of investors, which significantly eases this part of the process.Immediacy Many potential immigrant investors have a difficult time locating a suitable investment that they feel comfortable putting their money into.With Regional Center investments, much of the work is already done and the investment can be made more confidently and quickly, further easing their path to attaining a green card visa and enjoying permanent residency.While there is still a risk involved (as mandated by the visa requirements), these kinds of investments can remove much of the stress and legwork that can be involved in the process.Some Regional Centers even provide prospective investors with the most important questions to be asked about any EB5 investment, an assistance that can greatly aid the process.However, investors must act with due careArticle Submission, as all regional centers are not alike.These two advantages are just the beginning of the be

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